Daily Needs for the Orphanage

  • Toiletries – toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo, soap, deodorant (boys n girls), sanitary pads, nail clippers, cotton balls, Q-tips
  •  Books – coloring books, word-find books (English is okay), bibles (Spanish- Reina version), dictionaries (Spanish & English-Spanish)
  • Clothes (Sizes - Click here) – shirts; blouses; jeans, pants, shorts (boys & girls); black school shoes, tennis shoes, sandals, flip-flops; socks, shirts, dresses
  • Toys (for girls and boys) – kites, puzzles, baby or toddler toys, board games, UNO cards
  •  Beauty supplies – nail polish / remover, hair - clips, bands, barrettes, bows, n rubber bands, manicure kits, small earrings (nothing that hangs down more than an inch), small mirror
  •  Medicines (for ages 2 and up) – cold / flu, stomach, diarrhea, ibuprofen, Midol, allergies, itch cream, medicated baby powder, band-aids, alcohol wipes, sore throat / cough, cough drops, vapor rub, eye drops, tooth pain relief, hand sanitizer
  •  Bug repellent
  •  Flashlights / Light bulbs
  •  Batteries (AA/AAA)
  •  Household Cleaning supplies: all-purpose spray, glass cleaner, bleach, Laundry detergent, dryer sheets, clothline clips, spot cleaner for clothes, furniture cleaner, plungers, toilet bowl brush, dish clothes/sponges
  •  Diapers – Adult small or junior up to 12 yrs. / for 2 yr. old girl
  •  Kitchenware – hard-plastic plates, bowls, n cups, eating utensils, pots n pans, blender, assorted sized serving bowls, Tupperware, serving n cooking utensils, large knives, cake pans, aluminum foil, plastic wrap
  •  Dry foods – canned goods, large bags of cereal, oatmeal, crackers, cookies, pastas, Mac n Cheese, sauce mixes, drink mixes, peanut butter, jelly, cake m ix, icing, pancake mix, ramen noodle soup, candies, instant potatoes
  •  Condiments / cooking aids – seasoned salt, salt, black pepper, assorted seasonings, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, vanilla extract, chicken bouillon cubes 
  •  Plastic bed covers (twin)
  •  Sports balls – soccer, volleyball, tennis
  •  Pad locks / Door knobs
  •  Pillows

*Special Request

  •  Computer for kids to do homework
  •  Scientific calculators for math class
  •  Clothes Dressers

Like every home, there are many things that are needed for a home to function.  With a kids' home, those needs are tripled or quadrupled.  We've been asked many times what we need or what can people bring down with they come to visit the home, so we have compiled this list to help those that help us.  Your help is greatly appreciated in helping us supply our home with the goods that are needed to run our home daily.  Goods can also be shipped directly to our door step in a matter of two to three weeks.  Below is link to shipper and address to ship the goods to our orphanage.

Shipping Info

Proyecto Alcance

Colonia Alvarez #2

La Masica, Atántida

Honduras, C.A.

* For discount:

Mention you are shipping to an orphanage