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Little Lambs Children's Refuge opened its door with an initial group of ten kids in 2003.  Today, our home, officially an all-girls home with the exception of one boy, houses 18 kids from the ages of 2 to 20.  The kids, in most cases, come to us through IHNFA (Honduras' Child Services) and come from homes of extreme poverty; abuse; extreme malnutrition; orphaned; found abandon on the streets or were given up by the parents.  

In 2016, Pastor Alison and his wife, Magda became the new directors of the Little Lambs Refuge. Pastor Alison, of Nicaragua, and Magda, of Honduras, have three kids.


Little Lambs Refuge is working towards being a self-sustainable as possible by raising their own chickens, tilapia, and other animals.  With a new hydroponics garden, vegetation is as to grown with better control and consistent quality. The home also sits on a former orange orchid, with many oranges tree still on the property, providing oranges to the home. 


Little Lambs Refuge is located in the main compound in La Masica. The home provides the kids a secure living environment, teaching responsibility and respect, centered around the love and guidance of Christ.